Hi! I’m Jayne.

My work is hand carved, effortless cuts and French bohemian styling. My passion is framing faces and working with natural textures. I am currently inspired by the effortless cuts of the 1960s and 70s. I do lived in, romantic styles that I hand tailor to each client with my special tool: a straight razor blade.

I use luxury, organic products in my hairdressing services and take pride that my work grows out seamlessly and with ease.

I also offer in salon education in select cities and my home salons, Edo Salon in San Francisco and Oakland. This includes one or two advanced razor cutting demos, taking a gorgeous photo for social media, building the clientele of your dreams, and staying relevant in an ever changing industry. I like to support stylists and help them become the artists that they want to be. It’s a look and learn experience with special time allotted for Q&A after the haircuts.

If you are a salon that would like to host me please contact my agent at theleftbraingroup.com. Please note I do not educate in salons that do Keratin treatments of any kind and I always like to teach in salons that are making an effort to move in an eco-conscious direction.